Who, What & Why?

Introducing the Mayors Challenge partners & purpose

The Mayors Challenge Team

The Mayors Challenge team is part of the City of Durham Transportation Department. Our office is in the West Morgan/Rigsbee parking garage within the Customer Service Parking suite. Our staff helps employers, employees, and downtown residents commute without a car into downtown Durham and around the greater Triangle area.  Call us today for a commuter consultation!

  • Call: 919.560.4157 ext. 36502
  • Visit us at 105 West Morgan St, Suite 104, Durham, NC
  • Email: MayorsChallenge@DurhamNC.gov

Our history, partners & mission

Since March 2018, the Mayors Challenge team has been working behind the scenes with Mayor Schewel, the City of Durham, Bloomberg Philanthropies, Duke Center for Advanced Hindsight, Downtown Durham Inc., and others to pilot a program around alternative modes of transportation. With a focus on downtown Durham and an initiative to reduce the use of single occupancy vehicles in the City, the theme of the launch is to make alternative modes to downtown Durham attainable for all. In short, the Mayors Challenge wants foot, bike, bus, rideshare, or park and ride modes accessible to all employees working or living in downtown Durham. That said, personalization of mode, routes, and detail to lifestyle is an integral part of the Mayors Challenge program. The program explores the importance of communicating to employees the personal benefits of alternative modes while promoting that driving less to downtown is possible and sustainable. The Mayors Challenge team is committed to providing resources and tools that will allow employees to integrate new modes of transportation into their daily lives.

Durham is a Bloomberg Philanthropies Champion City!

When the City of Durham was named one of 35 Champion Cities selected for the 2018 U.S. Mayors Challenge, a nationwide competition that encourages cities to uncover inventive ideas that confront the toughest problems they face, the City’s Mayors Challenge Team began a pilot testing phase to assess low-cost methods that applied behavioral insights to nudge people away from single-occupancy commutes to downtown Durham.  Watch the video above to learn about our summer pilot project.

In October 2018, the City of Durham was awarded $1 million to continue its pilot and transportation study from Bloomberg Philanthropies.